British Columbia

British Columbia

At Vancouver HOBY events we strive to:

Motivate. Collaborate. Debate. Create. Teach & Inspire.


Vancouver HOBY events extend HOBY Canada’s mission to empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global society. The Vancouver HOBY event committee recognizes that each nominated ambassador offers unique skills, knowledge and ideas and we believe that with a limitless mindset and an encouraging and collaborative environment, each ambassador can make an impact in what matters most to them. We strive to create a platform for the ambassadors to speak up, share their ideas and create new connections.


Going into our third year, we are excited to announce that this year’s Vancouver HOBY Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) will take place on Friday, June 3rd, 2016 in the Irving K Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia. We have partnered with the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning to create an unforgettable and energetic event.


In the past two years we have reached over 40 students from 4 Greater Vancouver school districts through engaging presentations by community, business and academic leaders, and interactive activities such as SMART goal setting and the “Thing-A-Mabob” competition, where ambassador’s used innovative thinking and impressive marketing pitches to challenge the limits of what a cup, a twisty straw, and decorative beads can be formed into.


This year we will host accomplished and inspiring speakers from diverse career backgrounds who will speak to the importance of leadership, education, creativity and volunteerism. Our ever-popular Hot Seat debate will be back again giving ambassadors a chance to take a passionate stand on current issues and events around the world. Our mission is to give ambassadors the tools, resources and inspiration so that they feel empowered to take action and pursue their goals when they leave our event.


We are looking for volunteers and sponsors to make this year’s event extra special. For more information about how to get involved or for general inquires contact us at



Or by phone: 604-992-9710.



Vancouver HOBY 2015


     From Dynamic Dan’s energetic speech to our intense debates during the hot seat panel, the 2015 Vancouver HOBY CLeW was definitely one to remember!  We had 21 nominated student’s representing 10 different schools from 4 different school districts. Each nominated ambassador showcased their fabulously unique talents and background to the event, making each activity that much more special. One of the favourite activities from the day included the “Thing-A-Mabob” competition, where ambassador’s used innovative thinking and impressive marketing pitches to challenge the limits of what a cup, a twisty straw, and decorative beads can be formed into. Interactive activities such as this, mixed with thought-provoking speakers and life-applicable leadership activities such as SMART Goals made this year’s Vancouver CLeW fruitful and fun. The organizers and speakers were impressed by the passion and intellect that our local youth carry, and the ambassador’s learned as much as they could from the mentor’s in that room.

     We want to thank all of the OUTSTANDING ambassadors for coming out and making the event special. Without you and the fantastic enthusiasm you bring, our events would not be the successes that they are. We would like to also acknowledge our team of dedicated volunteers who put in the time to make the past year such a wonderful experience. And a special thank you goes out to UBC’s AMS club for hosting our event, as well as our amazing speakers and panelists for sharing their expertise and sage knowledge with us. This year’s event organizers dedicated countless hours to organize an event that could leave the ambassadors with a positive and diverse message about leadership and to inspire them to do more great things with their lives. We are all excited to see what you do with that message in both the near and far future!

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