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HOBY WO 2023 Seminar | Wrap Up

Last weekend, the HOBY Western Ontario 3-Day Seminar returned to Ridgetown, Ontario for the first in-person seminar since 2019! The theme for the weekend was Relentless, focusing on committing to our passions and purpose through ongoing action. We explored leadership through our personal styles, our communities, and service to others.

Ambassador Staff

Our Ambassador Staff team was comprised of 7 Committee Members (including 3 PMAs), 12 Junior Group Leaders (JGLs), 12 Senior Group Leaders (SGLs), and 9 Alumni Representatives (ARs). The team brought infectious positive energy throughout the Seminar that translated to ambassadors that were alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic!


This year, our Operations team introduced our new registration system that runs through our HOBY Canada website and allows students to directly apply for the Seminar. As a result of their efforts, we reached our goal of 100 ambassadors at the Seminar! This required that our Operations team navigate new facilities considerations to accommodate this large number of ambassadors that we have not seen at the Western Ontario site in years!


Many new and exciting learning opportunities were introduced into the program this year. We heard from 4 keynote speakers: 3 of which are HOBY alumni, and 2 that were new to speaking in the HOBY Western Ontario space. This team was adaptable and kept us enthusiastic, supporting spontaneous dance parties throughout the weekend!


This small but mighty team captured the weekend through their camera lenses, creatively show casing the experience on socials, videos and pictures! The Pubs crew worked tirelessly to build up our promotional archives as we returned to the in-person seminar space and continue to escalate our HOBY materials.

Thank you to the ambassadors that attended the Seminar, fully embracing the HOBY process! Thank you to the 50+ volunteers that supported the planning and implementation of this Seminar!

If you’re interested in joining the 2024 HOBY WO Seminar Committee, keep your eyes peeled on our socials and subscribe to the HOBY Canada email list, as applications will open shortly!

Signing off as your 2023 HOBY WO Seminar Chair, Abby Myles

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