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Meet the HOBY Team | Makayla Hastings, British Columbia Representative

I am Makayla Hastings, I was born and raised a Vancouverite. I grew up walking the streets of commercial drive and spent my high school years wandering kits beach with my friends. I also was lucky enough to spend most summers growing up on the southern gulf island (more specifically Galiano Island) and am about to spend the whole summer working and laying on the beach (I could not be more excited).

I just finished my second year at UBC(!!) and am completing a combined major in science which means I am studying statistics, chemistry and earth sciences. Besides school, I also run a program called Consent and Respect Discussions (also called C.A.R.D.). We specialize in consent education led by youth. I actually started this program during my senior year of high school with a friend of mine and since then it has survived and blossomed even through the pandemic. Taking the steps to be a leader in my community was difficult and still is but it also gives me a sense of purpose. If you wanna learn more check out my website or reach out so we can chat.

My first cLew was in 2016 as an ambassador and we spent 2 days singing chants, learning valuable leadership skills and volunteering. It changed my life and still has an impact on me to this day. I’ve been singing the Hey Burrito every opportunity that presents itself. The next year I waited patiently for an email asking for volunteers but unfortunately BC CLeWs went on a hiatus until my roommate (Dana Turdy) and I stepped up to the plate last year. Due to Covid restrictions and to keep everyone as safe as possible we held a one day virtual clue in October 2021 (shout out to our new alumni!). We did yoga and had some amazing speakers from across Canada and BC.

The HOBY team is filled with so many lovely, kind and welcoming people, I would attribute my love for HOBY to the community it builds. I still follow a lot of people I met at my first clew 6 years ago and I actually ran into one of them on campus and got to catch up which was super unexpected but very fun. Dana and I are on a mission this year to make BC Clew as awesome and valuable as ever and I hope we get to meet a bunch of new faces in person. Think about it, we can have a multiple day event where we all can hangout and dance together instead of staring at a screen all while learning from some amazing leaders in our community. I’m so pumped!

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