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Meet the HOBY Team | Ben Fisher, Co-Chair WO 2022

Hello out there in the wide world of the Internets! My name is Ben Fisher, and my HOBY journey began back in 1990. Selected by Saunders Secondary School in London Ontario, I went in with an open mind, an open heart and zero expectations. It was a life changing experience, which gave me the tools to be a more effective communicator and understanding of people and what true leadership meant.

As I continued along this journey we call life, I found myself yearning to have a more positive impact on my community, and considered a number of different options. In 2012, HOBY Western Ontario celebrated 25 years of inspiring youth. I received a phone call from my dear friend Optimist Steve Polhill, who was attending as a Senior Group Leader for his first time. I accepted the position of SGL and was part of the Macho Magenta Monkeys.

Inspired and recharged, I realized I was “home” and back with my HOBY family, returning every year since, working to promote the success of the HOBY program in Canada.

My main functions for the last 10 years revolve around the Publications team, Photography, Graphic Design, Printing and Videography. I have stepped in as HOBY Canada President, and for 3Day 2022, I had the honour of serving alongside my dear friend Olivia as a CoChair for the Western Ontario site. I look forward to serving under our 2022-2023 Chair Abby Myles, who I had the pleasure of meeting back in 2013 as her school’s ambassador. 10 years later, she still continues to inspire me with her passion and thoughtfulness.

HOBY will challenge you to question things that you may be passionate about. You will be given opportunities to consider things you may never have even thought about. You will make personal connections quicker than you thought possible after just meeting someone a few days previous.

My HOBY family continues to inspire me everyday. This organization will present you with opportunities that are worth exploring. Laugh, cry, and dance like everybody’s watching. Discover how refreshing it is to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic, and positive group of amazing people.

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