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Meet the HOBY Board of Directors | Abby Myles, Secretary


It’s your girl, Abby Myles, Secretary of the HOBY Canada Board of Directors!

My HOBY journey began as a Legendary Lime Lizard at the 2013 Western Ontario Seminar. Throughout my ambassador experience, I gravitated to the enthusiasm and atmosphere of change I felt among the other ambassadors, the junior staff and the volunteers. Being in HOBY spaces felt like receiving a big hug from a close friend that believes I have what it takes to make a positive change in the world.

Immediately after the seminar, I got involved with the CLeWs in my county (shoutout to the Grey/Bruce folk!!) before returning to the seminar as a JGL (long live the Sassy Striped Sweetlips) in 2015 and PMA (with Andrew, my partner-in-crime) in 2016!

Every new role and experience in HOBY expanded my understanding of the organization’s impact on ambassadors and volunteers and increased my love for HOBY. As a result, I have continued volunteering with HOBY at provincial, national and international levels. I was even the first HOBY Canada intern as part of my graduate studies and research! Volunteering in so many different areas of the organization has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills and gain valuable real-world experience.

To me, HOBY is a place where I can dream, with the support to realize my hopes and see them in practice. I am encouraged and supported as I explore my passions and pair them with the goals and programs of the organization. Whether it’s my professional interests and research pursuits (inclusion, human rights and leadership development), or fun hobbies (my obsession with Myers-Briggs personality types, friendship bracelets and Taylor Swift), I am provided opportunities to explore and expand the impact of the organization.

I am so beyond thankful to be part of this OUTSTANDING organization. I hope you will reach out in search of a role or opportunity in HOBY that fits your goals and skills. I promise it’s worth it!

HOBY Hugs,

Abby :)

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